Our globally inspired Indian Bruschetta is a wonderful way to capture the flavour of ripe tomatoes as a popular appetizer.

Recipe Yield: 12 ½ cup (120mL) servings | Prep Time: 15 Min. | Cooking Time: 5 Min.


1 baguette
3 tbsp milk
2 tbsp canola oil, divided
4 Ontario Greenhouse Grown tomatoes, cubed (Any variety of tomatoes works. Aim for 4 cups)
¼ red onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp minced fresh thyme
⅛ tsp salt


  • Toast coriander and cumin seeds in a dry pan. When cool, grind to a fine powder.
  • Combine ginger, jalapeño, lime juice, olive oil, cayenne, salt and sugar, set aside.
  • Cut tomatoes into bite-sized pieces and set aside. Chop cilantro and mint.
  • Gently combine tomatoes with dressing, cilantro, mint and ground spice mixture.
  • Serve bruschetta with toasted flatbread.

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